Tobias Berg is a designer who prioritizes creating products that are visually appealing and provide a satisfying user experience. He places great importance on ensuring that his products have a lasting impact, both in terms of their style and durability. Berg’s designs often incorporate natural materials, which he believes add unique qualities such as texture, imperfections, and aromas, giving each product a distinct character. Prior to beginning work on any physical product, Berg spends significant time planning and strategizing to ensure that every detail is considered and thoughtfully executed. This approach enables him to create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and efficient in their use. For Berg, a successful product is one that achieves harmony between materials, form, and function, and has a well-planned product lifecycle from production to eventual use.
Name: Tobias Berg Johannessen (b.1991)
From: Nesodden, Norway
Based: Oslo, Norway
Graduation: Bachelor(2016) & Masters(2019) in Product Design from Oslo metropolitan university of Oslo, with one semester abroad in Queensland university of technology.
Internships: IKEA of Sweden AB(2018), Ekornes AS(2019)
Design Collective: Oslo Fold,